From Our Pastor

Greetings in the Matchless Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It is with Jesus joy that I greet you as Pastor and Servant Leader of the Redeemed Christian Fellowship of Greater Washington.
At Redeemed “We are a Real Church, meeting the needs of Real people, through Gods Revealed Word”.

It doesn’t matter if you are unchurched and seeking truth; have walked away from God and want to be restored into faith and right relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ; or want to join this Mighty Army of Believers at Redeemed, our doors are open for you.

It is our endeavor to establish a Fellowship of Believers where building strong, meaningful relationships is the heart of our ministry. As a church we have an obligation to evangelize the world, seek to save the lost, disciple believers and cultivate strong an intimate relationship with God as we do the same with our fellow men/women based on the principal teachings in Romans 12: 1, 2.

Redeemed is committed to disciple its members in the teachings and love of Jesus Christ, following His “Great Commission” to take the Gospel Message to the world. We do so in a clear, straightforward, uncompromising, non-traditional loving way.
Lastly, I have to warn you that the love we show here at Redeemed is contagious. So if you come in with an open heart you just might get loved. We can love you past any circumstance and any condition.  Because this is not a place of judgment, but a place of compassion, hope,  and love. We truly care for your soul.

Your Servant, in the Masters House,
Elder Michael H. Reid, Senior Pastor


Ordination & Installation Service
Lady Katina Reid, Co-Pastor-Elect